My Journey with Sumie: Comic-Con Romania Workshops and Live Painting Demonstrations

It’s been a week since the exciting Comic-Con in Romania, (1-2-3 september 2023) and the excitement still lingers! We want to thank everyone who made this unforgettable experience possible.

At this event, not only did we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in rich Japanese culture, but I also actively participated as an instructor in Sumie

Nissan Ariya Live Painting: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Descubre cómo se fusionan la tradición japonesa y la innovación de Nissan en esta emocionante demostración de sumi-e, pintando el nuevo automóvil Nissan Ariya en un evento en Nissan Europa Francia. Explora la conexión entre culturas y la belleza efímera del diseño del Ariya mientras celebramos la fusión de lo antiguo y lo moderno.

Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Custom Artworks at Dos Palillos’ Sake Bar

In the heart of Dos Palillos, the Michelin-starred restaurant known for its culinary innovation, a unique fusion of tradition and innovation is taking place. As you step into the restaurant or explore its website, you’ll encounter more than just delicious food – you’ll discover a curated collection of custom artworks that have been carefully integrated into the establishment’s newest venture: the Sake Bar.

These artworks, a product of the artist’s passion for sumi-e, are a testament to the dedication and creativity that goes into every aspect of Dos Palillos. The central figures in these pieces, Hyottoko and Okame, carry with them a rich cultural symbolism from Japan, where they are known to bring good luck. Hyottoko’s whimsical expression and round face bring an element of joy to the ambiance, while Okame symbolizes beauty and prosperity. Together, they form an artistic duo that not only enhances the restaurant’s aesthetic but also serves as a talisman for good fortune at the Sake Bar.

The collaboration between Dos Palillos and the artist behind these unique pieces has been a mutually enriching experience. These custom artworks have been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with the restaurant’s distinctive atmosphere, providing diners with an unforgettable sensory experience that extends beyond the palate.

So, the next time you find yourself at Dos Palillos, take a moment to admire these works of art. Each stroke of sumi-e captures the essence of Japanese tradition while harmonizing beautifully with the restaurant’s culinary innovation. It’s an opportunity to find inspiration and perhaps a touch of good luck during your visit


The three most well-known Japanese writing styles, Kaisho, Gyosho, and Shosho, offer a rich diversity of calligraphic expression. Kaisho is the standard style, known for its readability and consistent strokes, ideal for formal documents and printed text. Gyosho, on the other hand, is a semi-cursive style that exhibits greater fluidity and rhythm in characters, perfect for informal and personal texts. Shosho is the cursive style, characterized by its artistic expression and stylized forms that allow for a more unrestricted calligraphic creativity. In your video, by showcasing examples of these three styles with the word ‘love,’ you not only highlight the diversity of Japanese writing but also the ability to convey emotions and meanings through calligraphy. It’s a beautiful representation of how the art of writing can express love in various deep and meaningful ways


The last month I was invited by the Japanese Embassy in Portugal, to the Japanese Matsuri in Lisbon with other artist, I did the collaboration with Keita Kanazashi a taiko player for the first time, we did a performance of calligraphy and sumi-e togueter, I painted a dragon we met in Bilbao few years ago and we were talking to do the collaboration. Then […]

A Special Commission: Celebrating the Union of Japan and Spain

A Special Commission: Celebrating the Union of Japan and Spain A Special Commission: Celebrating the Union of Japan and Spain In my most recent project, I had the honor of working on a special commission for the Embassy of Japan in Spain, in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between […]