Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: Custom Artworks at Dos Palillos' Sake Bar

On the Dos Palillos website and at the Michelin-starred Dos Palillos restaurant, you have the opportunity to explore my customized artworks, which form an integral part of our exciting new project: an exclusive Sake Bar. These unique pieces are the culmination of a creative process in which I’ve skillfully blended my passion for sumi-e with the authentic Japanese essence of the restaurant.

At the heart of my works are Hyottoko and Okame, two iconic characters deeply rooted in Japanese culture, symbolizing not only good luck but also the essence of joy and prosperity. Hyottoko, with his round face and comical expression, infuses the atmosphere with a delightful touch, while Okame embodies beauty and abundance. Together, these characters converge in an artwork that transcends mere artistic representation; it becomes a genuine charm for bestowing good fortune upon the Sake Bar.

The collaboration between Dos Palillos restaurant and my artistic endeavors has proven to be an exceptionally enriching journey. My customized artworks have been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into the restaurant’s distinctive ambiance, providing diners with an unforgettable sensory experience that extends well beyond the palate.

So, when you pay a visit to Dos Palillos, take a moment to appreciate these remarkable artworks, meticulously created with unwavering passion and dedication. Each sumi-e stroke encapsulates the perfect harmony between Japanese tradition and culinary innovation, offering you not only inspiration but also the hope of encountering good fortune during your every visit.