Rising Dragon Sumi-e: Live Art at Hayashi-Ryushodo, Kyoto | Traditional Incense and Brushstrokes

Jan 24 

Recently, I had the privilege of live sumi-e painting at Hayashi-Ryushodo, one of Kyoto’s oldest incense shops dating back to 1834. The subject was a dragon, symbolizing strength and good fortune, titled “Shouryu,” meaning rising dragon. Collaborating with this historical establishment was a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary art. The live sumi-e event unfolded amidst the fragrant ambiance of incense, providing a unique sensory experience for visitors. Hayashi-Ryushodo’s commitment to preserving incense craftsmanship paralleled my dedication to visual storytelling through sumi-e techniques. The Rising Dragon now resides within the shop, a testament to the seamless integration of art and heritage. Grateful for this collaboration, I invite you to explore the confluence of history and creativity at Hayashi-Ryushodo in the heart of Kyoto.