Matsuri 2023 - Celebration of Japanese Culture with Live Sumi-e Painting

June 23

In June of last year, I had the honor of participating as an artist in the Matsuri 2023 event, an annual celebration that immersed us in Japanese culture. This festival is a treasure trove for exploring its traditions and artistic expressions.

Matsuri 2023 introduced us to Bon Odori, a Japanese dance based on a Buddhist legend.

Furthermore, during the event, I had the opportunity to conduct a Sumi-e painting demonstration, sharing this beautiful Japanese technique with the attendees.

The Taiko drums reverberated at the event, with impressive performances by Tetsuro Naito, Tomoko Takeda, Rai Tateishi, and Shogo Yoshii.

Matsuri 2023 was a journey into Japanese culture, where tradition joined live art. It reminded us of the beauty of cultural diversity. I look forward to seeing more of Matsuri in the future!