April, the Month in Which ‘Unohana’ Blooms

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The names of the months in Japanese had changed in modern times. Nowadays we name the months in Japanese with number ‘January, 一月 Ichi – gatsu ,first month’ ‘February, 二月Ni- gatsu ,second […]

How to write ‘KIZUNA ‘bond’ in Japanese

https://youtu.be/mZ6f5lSNEkA It´s been today 5 years since the earthquake and tsunami destroyed northern coast of Japan. this word ‘bond’ ‘KIZUNA ‘ bond or relation was one of the kanjis most […]

Jidai Matsuri, the Festival of Ages

22nd of October is Jidai Matsuri, this is one of the most important festivals in Kyoto. It celebrates the moving of the capital to Heiankyo (current central Kyoto) in the […]