Cats are an important part of the culture for Japanese, there are temples dedicated to cats, there is an Island in which you can see more cats than people there are cat cafes and we also find the Tama Densha which is a train whose main attraction is a real cat that owns that a train station. Also one of the most international known figures is the ‘manekineko‘ . He raises his arm and and it is said that welcomes the customers in business and it gives good luck and fortune to people.

Maneki Neko

Japanese like Cats

Also in Japanese history cats where very popular since the Edo period XVII and the Meiji XIX. Some important artists of Ukiyo-E like Utagawa Hiroshige Hirosige and Kuniyoshi Utagawa  have painted this animal many times.

“Cat Crossing to Eat,” 1830–44 Utagawa Hiroshige, hiraki Ukiyo-e Foundation


Kuniyoshi Utagawa “Cats suggested as The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō” XVII


Moreover the cat becomes the main character  and narrator in one of the most important literary works in Japanese. ‘Wagahaimo Neko de Aru’ ‘I’m a Cat’ from Natsume Soseki’ And in traditional haiku poetry. Therefore, when I was thinking about a topic to do the exhibition in Gallery Yu in Kyoto I thought that it would be wonderful doing an exhibition with all my Cat paintings on it. I hope you enjoy with the event.

The name of the exhibition comes from the word in Japanese Neko ‘Cat’ and the sufix Logy’ which comes from the Greek means the study of something. I enjoy also writing some sentences which have some relation with the paintings.



165 Maruyachō (Takakuradōri)

Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 604-8132


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