The language of a country represents an important part of the culture, therefore at the end of the year in Japan, the Kanji (a word) of the year is chosen. The word is written by a Buddist monk in the temple of Kiyomizu in Kyoto. The word represents a powerful image of the mood of the people last year in Japan

This year the Japenese people have chosen the kanji 安 ‘AN’.  this kanji has several meanings such as security, safety cheapness or peace. Writen by me

Perhaps this word has been chosen after the governments debate of  breaking Japanese pacifist constitution rule and sending soldiers to war and the recent terrorist attacks. This Kanji has also been a word much used in some media with humorous tone or some issues in economics

In 2011 the word ‘Kizuna’ relationship or bond was chosen after the huge earthquake and tsunami. It symbolizes the solidarity and union of the citizens after this terrible event

These are the other samples of kanjis from the last 5 years

Which word do you think that represents the mood in your country or your life this year? This is a good exercise to meditate about your life this year

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