22nd of October is Jidai Matsuri, this is one of the most important festivals in Kyoto. It celebrates the moving of the capital to Heiankyo (current central Kyoto) in the year 794 from Nagaokakyo (also current Kyoto, little bit outside of central Kyoto)
Jidai matsuri means “Festival of ages”. There are big parades that start from the Kyoto Gosyo (imperial palace) to Heian Jinguu shire.
The parade is consisted of many groups that represent eight historical eras in Kyoto. You can observe how Kyoto lived in each era and the culture and important figures of each era through the parades.
Kyoto is one of the most important cites of Japan to understand the culture of my country. If you go to Kyoto one that day, it is worth watching it
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KYO (Kyo-to)

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