Today we celebrate the Hina Matsuri festival, the girls festival. The dolls in the picture are from my parents home in Japan, we do the display of the dolls more or less a week before Hina Matsuri. We did the display of Hina Matsuri because of my sister. My grand father bought the dolls for her long time ago.
It is said that the  dolls protect girls from suffering diseases, bad luck and bring them happiness in future.

There are several supersticions about this celebration, it is said that if you don´t put away the dolls after Hina Matsuri the girls will remain single extra time. My mum was very concerned about that!
There are several figures but the most important are on the top of the pyramid they are called odairisama and ohinasama, and represent the Emperors figure. Then, there are other figures below other members of the court such as musicians and ministers.
There is also traditional food on Hina Matsuri; we eat chirashizushi, which is a type of sushi and colorful snacks called ‘hina arare’. Also we drink a special soup today.
At school we sang this song to celebrate the day

if you want to hear.

I loved this song, my sister and I sang together at home, this song brings good memories of my childhood.

That was my sister and me long time ago...
My Sister and me long time ago…

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    Thank you Mitsuru for sharing your sister’s doll display with us and the song. I love the picture of you and your sister as children. Our Hina Matsuri Festival is this weekend in Arvada, Colorado.

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