Golden week

Today the golden week 2016 has started in Japan!

By the way what is golden week?

You can get a lot of gold for free that week?

Every year we have several national holidays at the end of April and at the beginning of May. The 29th of April is the day of Showa era. We celebrate the birthday of the emperor of the Showa era.  Then, the 3rd of May is the constitution day of Japan and the 4th of May is the green day which is dedicated to the environment and nature, and finally the 5th of May is the children day that we celebrate the growth of children, even though the day is called children day, it is known as boys day (*we have another festival for girls on the 3rd of March.)

So combining the week end and some holidays (if you are lucky) you can get long vacation for this season. Many Japanese people travel inside and outside of Japan. Also some people who work out of their home town go back home to see the family and friends.

Writing April


Writing May

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