In Japan the tradition in Valentine´s day is that the girls give chocolates to the boys. There are two types of chocolates this day. One is Giri choco and another is Hon mei choco.

The Giri choco is the chocolate that is given as a courtesy to co-workers, friends, classmates, family, etc.  Just to give good impression, don’t raise too much your hope. It is obvious that the girls are not interested in you. Sometimes the work subordinates give the ‘giri choco’ to the boss just for courtesy, and they make clear ‘this is guiri choco’. My mother and my sister also bought me ‘giri choco’, and it tasted good, I appreciated!

The Hon Mei choco is the chocolate that you give to the boy who you love and sometimes it comes with a love letter or you confess your love when you hand out the chocolate. Also, there are many boys who don´t get any chocolate that day. Neither ‘giri choco’, nor hon mei choco…I hope this year I get some choco (any type of choco)

By the way, the boys who get the chocolate that day, they are supposed to return some gift on the 14th of March called “White day.

Here in western culture, many couples exchange the gift


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