Boys Day

The 5th  of May is the Boys Day in Japan and it is also the end of  the Golden Week . The Golden week is consisted by several days of national celebrations, although many of these  national days are normal working days.

A few days before the 5th of May  we decorate with Koinobori outside home.  Koinobori are  Japanese carps decoration made with fabrics that represents each member of the family.

When I was a kid I remember my grandmother was telling to my parents: ‘you have to buy the largest and the most beautiful Koinobori in our neighborhood!’ It seems that this fact was very essential to her…Moreover, the 5th of May was also my grandfather’s birthday and we always celebrated it with all family.

This is one of my original paintings of KOI NOBORI, it says Jiyuuni -Freely-

About koinobori, the black koi represents the father, the red one is the mother and the rest of ‘koi’ are the children. At the top of the koi family there is a ‘ Fukinagashi ‘which is an amulet to remove bad luck’ .

In my country there are some legends about koi. It is said that a koi swimming upstream can transforme into a dragon. There are many myths and legends about this beautiful fish which are a symbol of patience, strength and resistance and good luck.


painting a Koi


Then, inside home we also place the samurai doll, the Gogatsu Ningyou. The doll has the meaning to protect the child in the future and to grow up healthy and strong. Actually, the samurai doll really freaked me out when I was a child and I cried a lot. That was very unpleasant to see  but it was the tradition.

My sister and me with Samurai doll
My sister and me with Samurai doll

Today there are also a typical food which is the rice cake wrapped with bamboo leaves ‘Kashiwamochi’ and a sweet with red beans named  Chimaki

Today we also sing a special song with children.

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