Becoming Adults ‘Seijin no hi’

My Grandfather´s Kimono Design
My Grandfather´s Kimono design for my sister

Today, the second monday of the first month of the year we celebrate the ‘Seijin no hi’. We ceremonialize having reached the majority of age in Japan (20 years old ) the ceremony is held in the city hall and other public places, girls wear the kimono.  My grandfather who was a kimono designer made a beautiful blue kimono with long sleeves’ ‘furisode’ for my sister at that time. Young girls wear this style of kimono with vivid colors and long sleeves.

The boys also wear formal clothing, sometimes kimono for man (hakama) but nowadays many of them wear suits.

Then,  we go out with our friends to celebrate with our first beer after the ceremony.


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    1. My grandfather had a very good skill creating kimono, that was made by him for my sister, I remember the day she dressed with this kimono, he was really proud of it. It is a great work and beautiful memory for us. The real kimono is very expensive, made with good fabrics and all hand embroidered. Nowadays many people rent the kimono just for one day.

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